Microsoft Teams in the winter semester

Online classes - Microsoft Teams 


Dear Student!

Below you will find information and videos on the organisation of studies in the winter semester 2021/2022.

What awaits you?

The fundamental change

you will encounter in online classes this semester is the transition from Zoom to Microsoft Teams. It results from the Rector's Ordinance of 09/17/2021

Classes on MS Teams -full-time studies
  • particular lectures (wykłady kierunkowe)
  • seminars
  • consultations
Classes on MS Teams - part-time studies
  • all lectures
  • seminars
  • consultations

Setup and installation of Microsoft Teams – this is what you need to do to get started


Setting up an account in Microsoft Office 365:

The CUE IT Centre did it for you. Therefore, all CUE students have Microsoft Office 365 accounts.


Before logging in, you must go through the password reset procedure. Otherwise, you will not log in to your account.

Your login is your student e-mail in the domain.


Log in to your account at


Download Microsoft Teams and install it on yourdevice.Installing the program on your device increases the efficiency of the program, but you can also use Teams in the Internet browser.

Log in with your student account for online classes in Teams.

What's next? Key matters - registration for classes / subject - two methods:

Method I

1.Find the code of the course you are to enrol in on the lecturer's e-business card (e-wizytówka). It is also possible that you will receive it from your group leader.
2. Enter your schedule (via Plan Zajęć), click the link and enter the course code in the appropriate place in Teams. Confirm.

3. Your lecturer will get a request to enroll you in a team / course. After accepting the request, you will see this team / course on your desktop in Teams.

4.You are already enrolled in the appropriate team / course. Congratulations.

Method II
  1. Find the code of the course you are to enrol in on the lecturer's e-business card e-wizytówka). It is also possible that you will receive it from your group leader.
  2. Go to Microsoft Teams to "Teams" where you can see all the teams / courses you signed up for before.
  3. At the top right of the screen you will find the button "Join or create team".
  4. After clicking it, enter the team code and confirm.
  5. You will be enrolled in the correct team / course.Congratulations.

Video instruction

Entry to a lecture, seminar, consultation

Lecture, seminar

From the moment of enrolling in the team you will find the next classes after entering your team / course by clicking on the "Meet" button. If the lecturer has planned classes in the calendar, you will also find them in your calendar. Clicking on "Meet" in it will also enter the online meeting.

If the lecturer decides to schedule regular online meetings, the dates of the next meetings can be found in your Teams calendar.


Live consultations in Teams - you can learn about the method and dates of their conduct from the lecturer's e-business card (e-wizytówka).

Other consultations (conducted in Moodle - will be conducted in accordance with the rules described in individual courses.

All videos useful in setting up and using Microsoft Teams can be found below.

filmy szkoleniowe z Microsoft Teams

Jak zacząć...?

  • Installing Microsoft Teams

  • Automatic launch of the application

  • Password change

  • Adding photos of users

  • Configuration of the microphone, camera and speakers

  • Signing up for classes based on the team code

  • Joining a class

  • JoiningEntering the next classes using the link in the Schedule (after registering in the team / course)

  • Communication with the lecturer during consultations

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